Friday, March 30, 2012


Surprisingly, March is nearly over.  (I really just blinked and that happened.)  We’ve had a busy month and I haven’t been so great at updating the blog, so here are a few of our highlights!

We spent a much-needed week at the lake with family and celebrated Papa Don’s 76th birthday.  He’s a obviously a Tar Heel fan, but I think the little heels around him were all he needed to make it special.



Caroline wasn’t much into smiling here, but Tyler was a happy camper given the fact he wore his Thomas the Train pajamas out to dinner.  I had to channel the old adage “pick your battles” on that one.

We’ve also been getting ready for Easter and having lots of egg hunts in the back yard.  When I saw that our old play group was going to Fox’s Farm for a day of animals and eggs, we jumped at the chance to have a change of scenery.  When we first arrived, they had a sweet white horse for all the kids to have their picture with.  Caroline was the only one to brave the horse, but she didn’t necessarily embrace him...  Per the look of horror on her face.




The animals were probably the biggest hit of the day.  The Fox’s had huge barrels of “universal food” that all the animals would eat, so you could get handfuls and walk around feeding whomever you liked.  We fed geese, goats, lambs, cows, rams, donkeys, bunnies, and a pot-bellied pig. 





After feeding the animals, we planted some flowers.


Then after planting flowers, we headed out to find eggs!  The main event!



This is where it became funny.  You see, when we hunt eggs in our back yard, Tyler and Caroline cannot WAIT to open them up (which they do the minute they pick each one up) to see what kind of surprise is inside.  I usually take a couple packs of fruit snacks and put one piece in each egg (in my mind that’s better than straight candy, shhhh), so to properly relay the disappointment my children had over their empty eggs is hard to do.  As you can see, Tyler excitedly opened each egg he found (and it was a race to get each one, let me tell you) and looked at me or Nathan with a “what gives?  where’s the fruit snacks?” look.  I really felt kind of sorry for them since we’d been talking about the main event all day, AND Fox’s Farm had forgotten about our group coming so we had to wait about an hour before doing anything fun.  When the hunt was over, our fearless group leader saved the day and traded their empty eggs for handfuls of candy and treats… Thank the Lord. :)

Last thing on the list was a visit with the Easter Bunny.  As much fun as it sounded, these were the reactions we got:



They gave a good stare, but wouldn’t go anywhere near the furry guy.  I can’t say I blame them… The Easter Bunny freaked me out as a kid too.

A few days later, Andrea and I took the kids to the Cottontail Festival at Sesquicentennial State Park while Nathan was sleeping off a night shift.  I had higher hopes for the Easter Bunny this time, thinking that maybe the more Tyler and Caroline saw of him, the less scared they’d be. 

Tyler yes, Caroline not so much:




"You go right ahead, Buddy.  I'll be inching my way over here..."


There was also a big inflatable slide that was a big hit as well.  Too bad we only got to go down once before they let all the air out and instructed us to go watch the “Kids Hip Hop” rapper instead… yeah, NO.  We decided to take a pic in front of the stage and call it a day.






The playground was much more exciting than the rapper anyway-




Andrea always laughs and says that Brady thinks we are his family since we spend so much time together, but our kids play so well together that it’s just easy.  We have definitely enjoyed Columbia much more in the past year and half because we have such great friends!

I suppose I’ll wrap up this “March recap” before I run out of internet space, but I still have more to post…  To be continued! :)

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