Friday, March 9, 2012

Go Heels!

Before the game today, we had ourselves a little pep rally…



Caroline picked out her cheerleading uniform of choice and Tyler couldn’t wait to put on his jersey.  (Hansbrough is still fully supported in this household, by the way!)


I know that the terrible two’s aren’t always a walk in the park, but to be  honest, these kids are FUN…



…and adorable.  I could wallpaper my bedroom with the photos below.  :)



Have I mentioned that they’re also best friends? 



(My dream is that in 16 more years, they will be wearing Carolina blue together and enjoying the Dean Dome first-hand… but I bet you aren’t surprised.)

Last but not least, Connor brought the magic touch of luck to secure our "W” against the Terps.


ACC Champs to Conference Tourney Champs… Let’s do this, boys.


  1. The HEELS have to win with these adorable babies cheering for them!!! Just too darn precious!!!!

  2. PS...Roger thinks you should send some photos to the athletic or publicity department. He said to be sure and tell their names & who they were named for. He said they are a sure thing in HIS opinion!!!

    1. We have to get Connor a Tar Heel bandana!!!