Monday, February 6, 2012

No Heat Curls

Today is like many days where Nathan slinks into our bedroom around 7:30am, trying to be quiet so that I don’t wake up (which rarely happens).  We trade places – he lays down, I get up – and for the next eight hours I do my best to keep the kids entertained without waking him up.  Often, we try to run errands or find play dates or go to the park, but the problem with all that is the fact that I look like CRAP on these days.  I usually don’t have the energy to full-on get ready when I get up - I need caffeine before all that – so by the time I’m ready to start the day, he’s the one sleeping and I’m the one sneaking around trying to scrounge some clothes up, get my makeup on, and hair pulled into some sort of place.  All while Tyler and Caroline may or may not be jumping off the furniture in my absence.

When I saw the pin for “no heat curls” though, I thought “hmmmmmm….

Last week as I watched my girl Blakeley hold it down on the Bachelor (can you believe I now have two acquaintances that were cast on this show?), I casually thumbed through my pinterest boards.  The actual pin has a girl in a few stages of getting ready, with her hair tucked into a headband and looking a little 20’s style.  It piqued my interest, so I went to her blog and watched her video on how she goes to bed with stick-straight hair and wakes up with these tousled, voluminous curls.  What’s not to love about that?

Here is my before and after-

Pardon the after, it’s 8:06 am and I can’t be bothered to be dressed or made up at the moment.  My eyes are bleary and weak at this point of the day.

End result:  LOVE.  L.O.V.E.  Love!!!!!!!

If you wear your hair sort of like mine (in the fact that it’s long and you like a wave or curl in it), do yourself a favor and go watch this video.  You won’t be sorry. :)


  1. I've been the biggest chicken with trying this--but I've wanted to for a while now! My hair is long and wavy naturally so I wonder how this would do with my fro! I'm gonna have to try it soon...yours turned out GORGEOUS! You look fabulous with your curls :)

  2. your hair looks awesome!! i haven't heard of this method yet but looks like I definitely need to try it out!

  3. Very cute! I wish my hair was long enough for this -- it looks so crappy right now. I'm just happy it's mostly long enough for a ponytail. Sad, I know.