Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Park Play

I recently got a new lens for my Canon so I thought I’d play around with it at the park yesterday.  Tyler and Caroline love riding their trikes around the back deck, but since it’s not quite the size of a tennis court, I decided to load them up and for an afternoon of wide open spaces.  Connor always comes to the park with us, so he was more than happy to jog the court while the kids did their thing. 

I loved, loved, loved having the ability to sit at one end of the enclosure and not move. Telephoto lenses (mine is up to 250mm) are awesome.



The hilarious facial expressions above are the result of a rather aggressive toddler we met running around the same court.  He decided he’d take the trikes for a spin first off, so Tyler and Caroline just stood side by side and watched him silently.  Connor found a ball and was generally un-phased by the newcomer.



Eventually the wild child went home for supper and my bashful ones went forth.





When Caroline found some “sticky balls” she got really excited.


They obviously belonged in “Tyler’s trunk.”



The funny thing about this game is that I remember being about five years old and riding Big Wheels around my friend Amy’s driveway with her and her younger brother Matthew.  We thought it was the most fun EVER to drive around and pick up every red berry we could find, sticking them into the holes in our seat (the seat back was adjustable and the unused holes were just asking for deposits).  The most berries in your Big Wheel merited something great, I’m sure.  Amy, if you’re reading this, remember that? :)

While I was looking through my camera and playing around with raw images, (or looking for birds, planes, and generally not paying attention to my kids for two seconds)… this happened:




As you can tell, Tyler isn’t so great at lip gloss application.  On the contrary, Caroline is a master… I bet you can’t even tell she’s wearing any.  Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful.



We played around the courts until it was dark enough that the street lights came on.  Columbia is okay and all, but I’m not brave enough to play after dark anywhere these days.




  1. So sweet to see these precious babies having so much fun & such wonderful memories!!! I certainly recall you, Amy & Matt with those big wheels. I also have pictures of you with Patrick Wheeler, Patrick Flack, Ryan Miller, Nathan Sheets, Ben Carson & Amy!!! Just love it!!!!

  2. PS....I love Caroline's expression as she is laid back on the tennis court....SO CAROLINE!!!! Nathan is going to love the pictures of Tyler with lipstick....utttoooo!!!!

  3. I read your blog constantly and I just wanted to say you have adorable children. I am also a mom to 8-month old twins boy and girl and to a 2-yr old boy. Love the pictures you are taking with your new lense.. do you mind sharing what kind of lense did you get? Thanks. Maye

  4. Hey Maye! Sorry for the lax response but I just realized you'd asked about my lens. I posted the whole name of it on the comments for "practice makes perfect" and I have no idea how to copy and paste on this iPhone! Sad, I know. :). If you want to know anything specific (like where we bought it, etc) just email me! Thanks for reading , by the way!!